Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Hidden Gem

 While walking around Downtown Santa Ana, my cousin and I were looking for the perfect background to take pictures, we passed a art museum from the student of Cal State Fullerton. It was a great modern art museum, everything was beautifully crafted and it really is a hidden gem. There is no entrance fee so I really recommend to go check it out! :)

Spring is coming! And what I love about spring is all the colors I can finally wear again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE shorts so you'll be seeing a lot of that for the next few months. I love bold colors especially this red cardigan by IMKING. I love pairing the color red and the cheetah print on my blouse. I absolutely love my tights and had so many compliments on them! I think anything goes great with these and they were so cheap!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you goes out to one of my amazingly talented graphic designer TJ LE ! Big things coming up so don't stay away for too long! Come back and check out my new heading coming soon! <3

Top: Fashion Young (Huntington Beach)

Jacket: IMKING cardigan
Bottoms: Love Tori (Instagram)
Combat Boots: Love D

Photographed by: Christina Cho Photography

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