Thursday, January 10, 2013


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Hope everyone had a wonderful first two weeks of new years!  To celebrate my birthday and new years , my friends and I went to White Wonderland located in the Anaheim Convention Center, across the street from Disneyland. I got lucky finding my outfit at Foreign Exchange because they are having the biggest sale! Anything that is priced under $40 is half off, and anything that is priced over $40 is $19.99. Also outerwear is $29.99!

Meet Anaise, she is one of my closest girlfriends. My favorite part of having girlfriends is that I get to dress and style them up. Friends are the best to style because they let you do your thing and trust you! Since the rules for White Wonderland is to wear everything White! I wanted to bring in some color and edge! I found this awesome spiked bra for only $15 at a fashion store. Her white tank top was really big for her, so I pulled down her shirt so her bra can have the show and tied a knot on the bottom corner so she wouldn't lose her curves! She  was never really big on Lipstick until I use lip liner on her. Trust me, Lip liner does the trick!
Lipstick: MAC, Lipstick: Diva/ Lip liner: Beet

Details on the Spiked Bra

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  1. I love the outfit in the top picture! I really need a top like that in my wardrobe!

    :) Follow for follow? Your outfits are gorgeous xx xx